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Tamarack Solar Products manufactures innovative solar module mounting structures that are designed to install quickly and provide a secure mounting to a pole, the ground, or on a roof or wall. The tilt angle can be changed seasonally to minimize snow loading and to maximize energy production. Our mounts are typically used to mount solar modules from 10 to 300+ watts in singles, or up to (6) 72 cell modules on our top of pole mounts.
All mount components are made in the USA using heavy-duty corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, powder-coated steel or series 5000 aluminum. All mounts are supplied with stainless steel hardware.

Pole Mounts

Pole mounts are the best choice if you want to mount your solar modules in a yard or open field, and keep them far enough off the ground so they are not in the way. In northern climates where snow can be an issue, pole mounted modules can be reached to remove snow and allow seasonal adjustment of tilt angle to optimize solar output for each season.
Small side of pole mounts are used for industrial application when a small module is needs to be installed to power security cameras, telemetry, gate openers and safety lighting equipment.

Ground / Flat Roof Mounts

Ground mounts are a good choice for larger solar arrays if roof mounting is not practical. They allow the solar array to be oriented for the best sun exposure, and for easy snow removal. On a grid connected solar system the inverter can easily be installed within 10 feet of the array, simplifying code requirements for Rapid Shutdown.


Tamarack's Beginnings

Tamarack Solar Products was founded in Willits, California in the mid-1990’s as Two Seas Metalwork to manufacture mounting systems for solar modules. At the time, northern California was the epicenter of the residential solar industry, and solar arrays were primarily being installed on hand-built structures. Tamarack’s first products allowed solar panels to be secured to a steel pole that could be placed anywhere.

Tamarack Solar Products has evolved into an innovative mounting system manufacturer used by solar installers for remote homes, rural remote power systems, railroad signaling, traffic monitoring and control, security and alarm companies, radio and broadband repeaters and anywhere solar modules are used for power.

The Tamarack Team

Ceci Walker

VP of Sales and Operations

Victor Zuidema

VP of Manufacturing

Ken Svendsen

Warehouse Manager

Francisco Aguilar


Frankie Aguilar


Cliff Pearson

Quality Control

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We are a manufacturer of high-quality solar module mounting hardware. We sell to our network of Distributors and Resellers and we do not sell directly to end users.
Please contact one of our distributors to purchase our products. They will be happy to assist you.

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